Saturday, 29 September 2012

Save the Red Flyer

Since announcing that we will finish operating the red flyer in November we have been inundated with customers asking what they can do to save the service. Our decision to cancel the service came because we were losing just short of £1000 a week. But lots of you have been contacting us saying that you would be willing to pay double for your travel as it is still cheaper than the car.

We want to save the service but to do this we need to increase the revenue. To increase the revenue we need to charge more and promote the service to get more passengers. We think we can do this with your help.

Introducing club flyer, we need 75 people to commit to paying £70 a month for there travel. This will replace the red card which will no longer be valid on the red flyer. All prices on red flyer will be increased but here is the twist. When the service makes a profit we will reduce the price of those club flyer users.

We will trial this from next Monday and if in two weeks the service is making a profit we will make an application to reverse the cancellation of the service.

The key to saving the service also hinges on getting more people to use the service so let us know where we are missing a trick in promoting the service.

The future of the red flyer service is in OUR hands.

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