Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pound zone - encouraging bus travel

Just before Christmas we introduced our pound zone making single trips just £1 and 7 days travel only £7. Our aim in doing this is to encourage bus travel for shorter trips which under our current fares structure appear expensive. By making these trips more affordable we hope to encourage more people to travel by bus.

By finding ways to get more people travelling on our buses it helps us to keep fares down in other areas and maintain our fair fares.

The pound zone is available on

Red 5 serving Mecca Bingo, University , QMC and Nottingham
Red 7 serving Mapperley Shops, Woodborough Road and Nottingham
Red 8 serving City Hospital, Clarendon College and Nottingham

Monday, 31 December 2012

5 tips to save money in 2013.

1. If different members of your family use the bus but on different days then share a 10 trip ticket. Saving over 30% on single fares.

2. Take the kids to school by bus. Buy any unlimited travel ticket and upto 2 kids travel free.

3.Dont want to commit to buying a 2 trip ticket as you don't know when you are coming back. Pick up our loyalty leaflet and with for every 6 single tickets you buy get one free.

4. All unlimited travel tickets can be bought as mobile tickets at discounted rates. Save £2 on a 7 day ticket.

5. Register for a fair fares card and you will receive exclusive offers that could save you 50% on your normal fares.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Gold Card

Lots of our Goldclub cards are starting to expire and lots of you are asking what happens next. We have decided to merge the gold card with our fairfares card. To get BUzz prices before 9.30 you will now need your concession card and your fair fares/local card. Sign up for your card at https://www.facebook.com/Premierebus/app_100265896690345

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Save the Red Flyer

Since announcing that we will finish operating the red flyer in November we have been inundated with customers asking what they can do to save the service. Our decision to cancel the service came because we were losing just short of £1000 a week. But lots of you have been contacting us saying that you would be willing to pay double for your travel as it is still cheaper than the car.

We want to save the service but to do this we need to increase the revenue. To increase the revenue we need to charge more and promote the service to get more passengers. We think we can do this with your help.

Introducing club flyer, we need 75 people to commit to paying £70 a month for there travel. This will replace the red card which will no longer be valid on the red flyer. All prices on red flyer will be increased but here is the twist. When the service makes a profit we will reduce the price of those club flyer users.

We will trial this from next Monday and if in two weeks the service is making a profit we will make an application to reverse the cancellation of the service.

The key to saving the service also hinges on getting more people to use the service so let us know where we are missing a trick in promoting the service.

The future of the red flyer service is in OUR hands.

Friday, 27 July 2012

#fairfares - 25% price increase

That's right some of our fares are going up by 25%. Do you want to know why? We don't want you buy them.

How many times do you go somewhere and not come back?
From next Monday all our single fares will be going up. But if you were coming back anyway or even catching the bus later in the week it would have been cheaper to buy a 2 trip.

On some routes it will be just an extra 50p to buy a 2 trip.

Customers travelling on multi trip tickets get on the bus quicker so everyone gets to there destination that little bit quicker.

So the message is ditch single tickets and switch to our 2trip or 10trip options or you might find yourself paying more for your bus from next Monday.

Red 5 Long Eaton to Nottingham single £1.50 2trip £2 and 10trip £8
Red 8 Hucknall to Nottingham single £1.50 2trip £2 and 10trip £8
Red 1 Bingham to Nottingham single £2.50 2 trip £3.50 10 trip £15
Red 7 Calverton to Nottingham single £2.50 2trip £3.50 10trip £15
Red 9 Loughborough to Nottingham single £3 2 trip £4.50 10trip £20

Monday, 23 July 2012

#fairfares - the next step

So far the fair fares campaign has been a huge success with a significant increase in the number of customers from 6 months ago. However over the last few weeks this growth has slowed down.

This coincides with the punctuality of our services starting to slip. We know this is a key issue for our customers and our staff. No one likes to be late for anything and we want to make it better as soon as possible.

There are several reasons why our services start to become late. For example on the Red 5 ongoing roadworks for the tram mean that delays are becoming more regular. Whilst on Red 9 more people are travelling so we need to allow more time to operate the route.

The number of people travelling on services can start to have an impact on punctuality. One way we could decrease the journey time is for more people to have there ticket before getting on the bus. We hope to do this by making our unlimited travel and 10 trip tickets a better value option and we are now offering mobile tickets.

From Monday we will be using an extra vehicle on the Red 5 and will be making changes to the Red flyer. Both of these changes should significantly improve the punctuality for our customers. We have also used our GPS data to make changes to Local 17, Red 8 and Red 9 which will take effect from the end of September.

Rest assured that whilst we know that paying a fair fare is important to you, its just as important that we get you there on time.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Premiere: M - tickets

Premiere: M - tickets: The introduction of m tickets is proving popular with a steady stream of new customers with many now using the facility every week. Having y...